As creative marketers in the Social media industry it’s been exhausting to see the lack of black representation, there’s always been an immense amount of Black Creators but the industry hasn’t done enough to help connect the dots for them. Moving in an industry that’s continuously trying to work against you can be very draining and worrisome. 

At Breakr we know first hand that Black Creators make the world go round. Despite accounts being disabled, choreography being discredited, and  lacking pay, Black Creators continue to shine and we’re here to break that ceiling and give them the credit they deserve.–not only by utilizing their creativity in all of our campaigns but also by shedding light on their creative work–  The days of working infinitely harder to get credit for what we’ve brung to the table has to come to an end. 

Culture starts with us and ends with us

Here are Black Creators you should look out for ranging from beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and comedians.

MrCommodoreJadah BlueAshley ImaniCollab CribRayRayShiggyStormi MayaCleotrapaBike Life RexBizkit Snacks215DJ ScreamWhoCamilleSerah FaulkAshanti As Hell DJ Five VenomsShekinah DavisEli UniqueKemo SandersAriana Simone Matthew St FleurSamaria StewartYe AliJewelsGrace AmakuRonyboyBebe Palmer

As The continuation of Creators takes over, it’s essential that we support ours. 

Here are some tips on how to support black Creators not just this month but EVERY month:

1) Engage with their work- We all know high engagement is one of the critical components of being a content Creator. Be sure to engage with your favorite Creator. In the same way, you represent brands that you like. You should represent the brand they’ve made for themselves. You can do that by posting their content to your story, commenting on their post, and following them.

2) Recommend them to a friend – Word of mouth is the best recommendation you can give. Let people know how great a content Creator they are. Better yet, show them. 

3) Pay them – Remember, this is their line of work. They put a lot of time and creativity into the content they create. So be sure to compensate them at the correct rate- Don’t lowball them.