The music industry is changing, and it’s up to you whether it’s for better or worse.

One thing that doesn’t change year after year is the need to connect your fans to your music more strategically and more frequently.–As well as the need to create content. Content creation is now a key component of breaking music, and we’re here to give you a little insight on how to get shit poppin’. Cheat Code: Check out @musicbreakr, the newest music-tech product, to get organic influencer-based music promotion.

We know the heavy hitters have been coming in crazy, but have no fear; with this article, I’ll give you 4 ways to get your songs poppin’ and into the rotation of your fan.

1. Feed the streets:
Stop holding on to that music!

Listen to me, please. RELEASE THAT SHIT! You holding on to your project will only make it sound dated, and as you keep tweaking it, it will be less of the song you meant to release and more like a weird-sounding version of what’s hot now. And while we’re at it. Don’t even release a “project.” Look, the name of the game is SINGLES. Music streaming has changed the way people consume. While a full-length album shows you’re dedicated, the chance that somebody will make it through the album is super low.

The full project also eliminates our golden rule of creating content and moments that fit your fans’ daily lives. You release a project, cool then what? Promote that project over and over? What about the people that already heard it? They are now bored. How about creating this thing we like to call in marketing called “New News.” If you convert your project to small bite-sized singles, you can then schedule the release of each one, thus what’s called “feeding the streets.” Look at any Artists that’s blown up in the last 24 months; nobody found out about them through their full-length project vs. the popping single that they can’t get out of their head. Remember, Costco doesn’t sample the entire box, they give you a taste. FEED THE STREETS!


2. Here are the types of singles you should be creating and working.

So we covered why singles are your best bet, so cool, but what kind of singles should you be dropping? Let’s go through it. It would be best if you had your: Lead Single, Follow Up Single, The Remix, and unreleased track.

Let’s start with your lead single. This should be mixed and mastered and get some dope cover art designed– remember cover art is the first thing people see; if your cover art isn’t up to par, they may not even check out your music. So all that money you were about to put into that studio time to record that entire project, yeah, scratch that, put it into your lead single. This will also get you a better chance of landing on playlists and taking the guesswork out of which song to promote. All your songs are amazing. We know, still, choose the one that you know in your heart will work better than the rest—the other ones put in a drive for later. Make sure you get a radio edit version cut and get that song distributed and promoted. This will give fans and influencers something to put into their daily lives and shareable content.

So bet, you released your amazing lead single. What now? Well, similar to our first section you, say it with me, “FEED THE STREETS.” That’s right, that second song you were choosing between, well, let’s make that your follow-up single. Even better, let’s make sure you drop that within the same 2 to 3 weeks of you releasing your lead single. And to be perfectly honest, if you have the ability, you should record a brand new single based on the feedback from the lead single. I know you are an Artist, but you are making music for your fans at the end of the day. Lean in, or if you are feeling risky, release a follow-up that sounds slightly different from your first, show your new fans your artistry. And what’s beautiful about releasing singles and not projects is if people don’t seem to love it like your other releases, well, you didn’t spend months or even a year creating and releasing it, you can come and release another single next week.

Ok, so the remix, if you look at a lot of the more successful Artists recently, they got a hot lead single then went to a DJ, Electronic Artist, producer, or another musician to add a little razzle-dazzle to it. What happens is people either love it or hate it and then listen to the original to compare. Double up. Each person touching the remix has their own fanbase and gives you additional content to (you know what I’m going to say)… FEED THE STREETS! So make sure you make a “stem” track so you can collaborate with fellow musicians and make some magic happen.

Lastly, this will segway nicely into our next topic around content, but stop holding on to those studio sessions or that song that isn’t quite perfect yet, release your unofficial releases. If you don’t want the song to be permanently out, there are many ways to make these temporary releases through IG Reels, Stories, Tiktok, Triller, etc. All that will provide your fans with music to be held over until our next official release. This will get your fans to see a peek behind the curtain and genuinely become fans of you and not just your music.


3) Create music videos or, better yet, have someone else do it.

Distributing your singles isn’t enough, you need visuals. Videos are probably the way people digest content the most nowadays, and you have many ways to do this. You have Youtube to do the music video, lyric video, live performances, or studio sessions. Additionally, you can put all of that content on social media.

But you’re busy, right? Well, you don’t have to create each of your own videos, there are tools that can help. Breakr is a huge one. You can hire influencers on various platforms to create content for your song that both of you can promote at the same time. You leverage official releases to create potentially viral content such as skits, challenges, and dance videos.

Without a doubt, you should be creating multiple pieces of content for each release and always be looking to have your fans know that they are not alone and other people love your music as well. As you drop those videos, make sure you engage with EVERY user that comments, likes, and messages, good and bad. It will only make them feel like they are officially on your team.


4) Get creative on Tiktok

Ok, we are finally to our last section. Debatably the most essential tool of all, Tiktok. As you all know, Tiktok is the new holy grail for up-and-coming Artists! The way you can go viral from just 15 seconds is absolutely amazing. All you have to do is choose your 15 second part of the song, create some content, or better yet, get some Breakr influencers to create a challenge that other users can jump on. Stay consistent, one thing about Tiktok is you need everyone to use the sound around the same time to be sure the song picks up the traction it deserves, that’s where you use us to run a campaign and get many influencers to create content around your song throughout the same date range. Do these things and watch your song blow up.

So while there are more than these four ways to get poppin this year, I assure you that these four methods will make a massive difference in how you jump-start your career as an independent Artist. And at the end of the day… why not. This may be the difference between being billboard #1 or just recording in your basement so that my friend is how you break music in 2022.

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